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Solid Digital Printing Sdn. Bhd. contributed upgrade its services to local market since 2000 (previously known as Solid Signcraft since 1980). With the strong hold to our company philosophy, highest satisfaction, quality & creativity, we are committed to the highest level of quality to serve each of our customers better.

To have the latest & faster technology is a big concern in today's world to win the race. Enabling customers to win the race is a major part for Solid Digital Printing.

With passage of time Solid Digital Printing recognized that increased creativity & increased production can benefit every one. With fine printing quality & faster speeds digital machines customers is sure to get the best quality result & to find their business growing. We can only look forward growing with these customers by keeping all of their digital printing need well satisfied.

We provides a comprehensive range of advertisement services at comprtitive price in indoor & outdoor advertising, close collaboration with adevertising agencies, supporting public relations agencies, servicing corporate & private companies.

Our dedicated personnel with experience begin their service the moment you make the first call. From quick, efficient order handling to helpful customer services representatives, we are dedicated to understand the many & diverse needs of individuals, thus we are attuned to your soecific needs.

Company Profile
  • Solid Digital Printing
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  • AreaMalaysia Pulau Pinang
  • Address3, Jalan Mewah, Taman Mewah,
  • Zip Code12100
  • BusinessMedia, Printing & Publication
  • Company TypeSdn Bhd
  • Business TypeService
  • Registered Year2000
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